Products Developed

Evergreen Research list of capabilities and past projects:


  • Electronic tonometer

  • Ultrasonic biometer/pachymeter

Pharmacy/Drug Delivery Systems

  • Automated IV compounders

  • Prescription entry software

  • IV bag weighing scales

  • Automated syringe filler

  • Low-cost syringe pumps

Respiratory Therapy

  • Battery-operated ultrasonic nebulizer

Stem Cell Culture / Implants

  • Incubator control system

  • Bone distractors

Thoracic Surgery

  • Computerized perfusion controller

Critical Care

  • Disposable airway CO2 sensor

  • Hypothermia induction device


  • Hand-held surgical laser

  • Microdermabrasion machines

  • Hand-held dermabrader

Diagnostic Assays/Research Equipment

  • Micro-fluidic cartridge/instrument

  • Microscopy with computer image analysis

Kidney Dialysis/Blood Processing

  • Hemodiafiltration module

  • Precision ultrafiltration controller

  • Magnetic dialysate conductivity sensor

  • Blood product treatment system

  • Blood and air leak detector

  • Galvanic dialysate conductivity sensor

  • Medical database software